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Physicist-Monk Rejects Salvation to Cast Preacher into Hell

Meditation on Space-Time is a strong pick for those seeking a metaphysical twist…”                      

 -Midwest Book Review

Either mercy or justice; either salvation or friendship. Either choice: a flawed solution for a fallen man in a broken world.

Even as Father Lawrence was hearing the stranger’s confession, he dreamed of probability waves, black holes and temporal loops. He wanted to look for his friend, not mess with a penitent’s vices: seducing women, framing rivals, and laundering church-funds.

Except, his friend was pregnant with this man’s child.

If only Lawrence could free himself from his emotional baggage… If only he could marshal the courage to polish off his search for enlightenment…Only to discover the secrets inside his friend’s heart…and the liaison between the villain and her…

Meditation On Space-Time, A Novel (236 pp., tpb, $14.95) portrays a man’s struggle to discover himself in contemporary society, to sacrifice for his friends and to take the road less traveled. For readers who would eat up the hero’s every morsel of laughter and tear as if it were bittersweet chocolate. While sifting through clues to the characters’ true identities and hidden agendas.

“Leonard Seet has left no literary devices on the table to narrate his tale…I was enthralled by the pure beauty of the writing among all the plot points. The scintillating writing is elegant, pure, grownup, originally cast, heartfelt, intelligent… The writing is simply breathtaking… brilliant bit of poetic science… If you prefer intelligently crafted novels, then do yourself a favor and by all means read this unforgettable novel by Leonard Seet: the writing is to die for.”
                                 -David Lentz, author, Bloomsday: the Bostoniad

While working overseas as Project Director for a consumer electronics company, Leonard came upon a parchment, which he had drafted in college after booing a novel’s ending. The chicken-scratches had begun to fade, but he succeeded in deciphering the text. The writing was amateurish, but the plot had potential. So, to relieve work stress, he began rewriting the story, along the way learning the art of the trade. Several years later, he resigned from the company to write short stories and literary novels. In the fall of 2011, Leonard attended the Jennie McKean Moore Fiction Workshop at George Washington University to learn from author Tim Johnston, Art of the Story. He is the author of The Spiritual Life.

Meditation On Space-Time is available in most brick-and-mortar and online bookstores.


Meditation On Space-Time
by Leonard Seet.
Tpb edition. 6 x 9, 236 pages.
ISBN 978-0-967-49372-5. $14.95.
E-book edition
ISBN 978-0-967-49371-8. $6.99.
Publication Date: November 2012

Excelsior Publishing

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