Another Author Interview For Leonard Seet

Here is another author interview for Leonard Seet.

Leonard Seet Author Interview at Making Connections.

Leonard Seet Author Interview

For those interested in knowing more about the author Leonard Seet, please check out the interview in the following website.

Leonard Seet Author Interview at Exaggerated Rants and Strange Musings

Review of Meditation on Space-Time by Mallory Heart Review

Here is the link to Mallory Heart Review's recent book review of Meditation on Space-Time.

Meditation on Space-Time Book Review

Leonard Seet Blog Tour for Novel Meditation on Space-Time


Contact: Richard Henderson

Leonard Seet will be going on a blog tour for his novel Meditation on Space-Time from May 12th to May 18th. For more information about this tour and the novel, please go to the Goodreads link:

Midwest Book Review recommends Leonard Seet’s novel Meditation on Space-Time as “a strong pick” with “plenty of humor about life.” According to the review, the novel “follows one man who tries to consider the world around him and considers the very personal side to the universe-spanning question, trying to understand natural laws in an unnatural world.”

The novel portrays a man’s struggle to discover his identity in contemporary society, to sacrifice for his friends and to take the road less traveled. For readers who would eat up the hero’s every morsel of laughter and tear as if each were bittersweet chocolate. While sifting through clues to the characters’ true identities and hidden agendas. The protagonist proclaims “More than once, the broken moon would cast through the window a silver light and remind me of independent events yielding to their own momentum and interacting under natural laws while my mind would impose happiness, grief, beauty, ruin justice and chaos.”

According to David Lentz, author of Bloomsday: the Bostoniad, “Leonard Seet has left no literary devices on the table to narrate his tale…I was enthralled by the pure beauty of the writing among all the plot points. The scintillating writing is elegant, pure, grownup, originally cast, heartfelt, intelligent… The writing is simply breathtaking… brilliant bit of poetic science… If you prefer intelligently crafted novels, then do yourself a favor and by all means read this unforgettable novel by Leonard Seet: the writing is to die for.”

Alternate Hilarities, Edited by Giovanni Valentino

An anthology of humorous stories in the Science Fiction, Fantasy,and Horror genres (description from Amazon).

This anthology was published on May 1, 2014 and is available at Amazon.